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Message From Prime Minister - Mr. Imran Khan                                                                                                                                                                             


Our objective is to revamp the entire field of sports starting from the infrastructure to organizational systems, down to operational procedures, introducing merit at all tiers. Additionally, we intend to ensure transparency and performance so that Pakistan, a nation of over 200 million with 60% of its population below 30 years, could shine in the sports world. You all have to make a new Pakistan. Naya Pakistan is not a slogan. It’s a belief! So never give up, no matter how hard life gets, no matter how much pain you feel. All pain eventually subsides, nothing remains forever, just keep going and you will succeed!

Message From Mr. Usman Buzdar

Chief Minister Punjab


I strongly believe in the vast talent of our youth. Our Government is working on a comprehensive plan for the welfare of our youngsters. Our young generation has to play its part in taking Pakistan forward, and sports may well be the best arena where they can showcase their dedication and resolve for the nation. With the cooperation of all the provinces under the Youth Development Program, our upcoming generation will benefit from this government initiative. In all aspects of practical life, we have to align our efforts with the current technological trends, to prepare our youth to excel in the modern competitive world.

Message From Mr. Yasir Humayun

Minister for Higher Education


The objective behind starting University Sports Leagues in Punjab is to promote sporting culture among the youth of our province and to provide them with healthy activities around the year. This will prove to be, not only, a breeding ground for top sportspeople, but will also foster sportsman spirit among the participants of all universities. I hope that once this idea takes off, it will also provide a new revenue stream to the academic institutions through sponsorship and alumni funding.

Message From Mr. Sajid Zafar Dall

Secretary Higher Education Department


Globally sports are regarded as a tool for peace and development. The educational value of sports cannot be denied and character building is greatly enhanced through participation in sports. USL will increase the students’ affiliation and ownership with their institutions; additionally, the spirited and competitive atmosphere will help in creating an optimistic, moderate and healthy society. University Sports Leagues (USL) initiative has been launched by the Higher Education Department, Government of the Punjab to mitigate the rigorous academic stress and also to divert the laggard away from anti- social activities. Participation in USL will not only divert, but also channelize the energy of our youth towards healthy and positive life styles.


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