The basic aim of HED is to not only cater the educational needs of the target population i.e. the students, but also broaden their vision and mental horizon in order to equip them to deal better with the academic and economic challenges of the modern world. The department has outlined following objectives:

  • To improve quality of higher education
    • Increasing number of skilled faculty
    • Enhancing quality of assessment system
    • Increasing market relevance of higher education programs
  • Expanding access
    • Increase in number of students enrolled at college/university level
  • Enhancing equity
    • Creating opportunities for all income groups, social classes and genders
    • Introducing a financial aid (loan) scheme in HEIs
    • Increasing number of need-based scholarships
    • Creating special opportunities for remote areas
  • To strengthen governance and management
    • Raising students’ commitment to higher education
    • Improving infrastructure and resource provision