Secretary's Message

I am extremely delighted to welcome you to the website of Higher Education Department. These pages are being introduced to assist you in acquiring the basic and the necessary information about the department. We assure you that we will keep on improving and updating this information, as and when required, and will try to give response on your queries timely.

The Higher Education Department is performing and delivering, within the meagre resources available, covering a diversified network of activities based on promoting the cause of higher education. It is linked with other provinces and the Federal Government to enhance the said cause further. This gigantic task leading to the generation of the multifarious nature of problems that require resetting the objectives according to the dynamic environment. We are hopeful that with the promotion of higher education and research, we will be in a position to resolve our national issues vis-a-vis their linkage with the international horizon.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Higher Education Department